“While people can tolerate losing, they despise the feeling of being eliminated from a game in progress. And so most Eurogames are designed such that scoring comes at the end of the game, after some defined milestone or turn limit, so that every player can enjoy the experience of being a contender until the final moments. If this sounds somewhat Euro-socialistic, that’s because it is.” -excerpt from The Invasion of the German Board Games


Paul and I like a good game. I don’t always have the stamina for games like Settlers, so maybe that’s why I gravitate towards ones that have a faster pace (e.g.,Exploding Kittens)?  Yet I appreciate the depth of the story line, the sophisticated strategies, and the complexity in which they’ve designed a game that accounts for so many factors; players’ experience, age, time limit, countless endings/results, game-flow, education-level, background knowledge, the list goes on and on! There are so many great games out there to play.

At The Crooked Key, we’ve purposely designed our games so that almost all players get to experience the big reveal(s) and be there for the finale. We don’t want you to miss out! It is rewarding for us to watch people play and feel smart. We’re showcasing our art and you get to interact with it. I’m frequently posed with the question, do most people get out of your games? The short answer is yes. Not everyone will finish the game in 60 minutes or less, but we strive for as many of our players as possible to have a fun, and ultimately satisfying experience. It’s simply a matter of time. We take this very seriously, like the Germans.