Which game is best?

By Paul DeCrette|2018-01-27T18:20:45-07:00January 27th, 2018||

All games at The Crooked Key are good! Seriously, read our reviews.  But which game is best depends on your group size, experience, and interests.  [...]

Are escape rooms fun?

By Paul DeCrette|2018-01-27T18:19:51-07:00April 19th, 2017||

All escape rooms are not created equal.  But we can tell you with certainty that visitors to The Crooked Key have fun.  Fun is our [...]

How much does it cost?

By Paul DeCrette|2020-01-12T22:45:02-07:00April 19th, 2017||

Onsite escape games at The Crooked Key cost $39 per player, per game. The entire visit typically lasts 60-90 minutes. The outdoor game is $30 [...]

Can we bring kids?

By Paul DeCrette|2020-04-29T14:52:05-06:00November 2nd, 2016||

We designed The Crooked Key’s games to be generally family-friendly (no extreme jump scares or true horror elements), but the escape room puzzles are geared [...]

Do you have any gameplay tips?

By Paul DeCrette|2019-05-31T11:55:12-06:00November 2nd, 2016||

Sure! The Crooked Key gamemasters compiled this advice: Separate and search! There is plenty to find. Work together, but don't stay huddled together waiting for [...]

Can I play alone?

By Paul DeCrette|2020-04-29T14:45:05-06:00November 2nd, 2016||

The Crooked Key's onsite escape games will likely not be fun alone and many puzzles require two or more people. You will need to book at [...]

Can just two people play?

By Paul DeCrette|2020-04-29T14:41:31-06:00November 2nd, 2016||

Two people can play all escape games at The Crooked Key. That said, the games are optimized for four or more, so we encourage you to [...]