The Crooked Key in downtown Steamboat Springs offers three purpose-built, multi-chamber, immersive, live-action escape rooms! Choose your adventure…


You are dreaming with Edgar Allan Poe dream, trying to overcome your fear of being buried alive.  Dark in theme but not scary, Taphophobia is a brain game with every puzzle inspired by Poe’s works.  Standouts include theatrical lighting and sound and no physical locks or keys. Can you wake up in time? [more]

Escape from the Old West

The year is 1898. After a daring jailbreak, you have been recaptured in Browns Park, Colorado. Unfortunately, an accomplice killed a posse member during apprehension and you are all now facing charges of murder. You are currently being held in the Hahns Peak jail, but are just one hour away from being transferred to Aspen… [more]


You are Steamboat Springs firefighters. As you perform your daily apparatus checks at the fire station, you get dispatched.  This is no ordinary call; this is the call that firefighters will talk about for years to come. Physical and mental toughness is a must because you only have 60 minutes to complete your training mission before flashover! [more]

Key to the City: S.K.I.

Our newest adventure isn’t bound by walls. Play Key to the City outside in beautiful, downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Yes, this puzzle hunt meets escape game meets geocache meets scavenger hunt meets walking tour is entirely outdoors.  Your secret mission, should you choose to accept it, is assigned when you arrive to pick up your gear.  [more]

GameTaphophobiaOld WestFlashover!Key to the City
ThemeDream with Edgar Allan PoeA daring 1898 jailbreakA firefighter rescueA top-secret local investigation
Group size2-82-8 (squeeze 9)2-8 (squeeze 9)1-10 (3 ticket min.)
Game time60 minutes60 minutes60 minutesVariable (1.5-2 hours)
Success Ratio61%64%51%99%
Outside Knowledge?NoNoNoNo
Local historyNoneSomeLittleLots
First time playersGoodBestBetterBetter
Experienced playersBestGoodBetterBetter
Larger groupsBetterGoodBestBest
Smaller groupsBetterBestGoodBest
A hootGoodBestBetterBest

The Crooked Key’s escape rooms are immersive, challenging, and fun.  You won’t be doing anything that you could do at home from your couch or phone.  I promise!

Nicole DeCrette, The Crooked Key Owner/Operator