Dream with Edgar Allan Poe!

Your Escape Room Mission

You are dreaming with Edgar Allan Poe dream, trying to overcome your fear of being buried alive.  Dark in theme but not scary, Taphophobia is a brain game with every puzzle inspired by Poe’s works.  Standouts include theatrical lighting and sound and no physical locks. Can you wake up in time?  

All that we see or seem.
Is but a dream within a dream. 

Average Escape Time: 49:49

Record Time: 24:48


Fear Factor


Success Rate


Family Friendliness

  • No knowledge of Poe required!

  • Groups of 2-8 players

  • No physical locks!

  • Requires brainpower and a gentle touch

  • Includes low lighting, loud noises, and special effects that could scare small children

  • Cell phones prohibited