An outdoor puzzle hunt adventure!

Key to the City

Your Mission

Filled with local humor and diverse puzzles, this escape game meets scavenger hunt isn’t bound by walls. Play Key to the City outside in beautiful, downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado! Your secret mission, should you choose to accept it, is assigned when you arrive to pick up your gear. It’s self-guided, so stop off at a local watering hole mid-game or race to beat the clock. Will you uncover the key to the city?
Disclaimer: At least one adult must¬†play with kids under 14, as puzzles and humor are designed for adults and the game involves navigating responsibly and independently downtown. Groups of children under 14 without adult supervision, or groups 14-17 without a signed adult waiver, will be denied play. This is a family game, not a children’s game. Children 10 and under play free.

Average Finish Time: 2:28:46

Record Time: 1:11:13


Fear Factor


Success Rate


Family Friendliness

  • This is an OUTDOOR game

  • Free rescheduling for inclement weather

  • 1.5-3 hours, typical – play at your own pace

  • Must be comfortable walking 1 mile

  • One player must carry a 12 pound backpack

  • Groups of 1-10 players

  • One smart phone REQUIRED – install ClueKeeper app

  • Requires teamwork, brain-power, and a fun attitude

  • Mild adult humor

  • English reading required

  • Wheelchair-accessible

  • Heely/stroller/scooter friendly

  • Dog-friendly