The Crooked Key recently participated in the Steamboat Springs’ Summer Expo – by the Steamboat Chamber of Commerce.  Open to the public and FREE, this event is a great one to attend.  There are tons of giveaways from local businesses, restaurants, and entertainment/activity venues.  It’s a chance to see what is new and happening for the upcoming tourist season.  Once again, we delighted (and stumped) some folks with riddling and puzzles for a chance to win some wine!  Additionally, we gave away two free escape games for 4 players each.  Manager Rob Hash and owner Nicole were in attendance to answer “escape room” questions.  If you missed us, it’s not too late to come see what we have to offer this summer.  There are lots of fun things to do in Steamboat Springs in the summer, and whether it’s a special occasion, no occasion, or just a break from the mid-day heat, we look forward to having you come PLAY at The Crooked Key!