USA Today published an article entitled, “Why escape rooms have a lock on the U.S.” In it, Author Carly Mallenbaum discusses the rise of escape rooms in the United State. She quotes Will Shortz, the crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times, who believes “Escape rooms’ popularity coincides with the rise of social media and nerd culture.”

Escape room guru and blogger David Spira is also quoted in the article:

“When they’re really good, you feel like you’re a character in Indiana Jones, Oceans 11, Mission Impossible. There’s a range of quality, and all manner of different themes, but in a world gone digital, it feels so good to do something in real life.”

This is a big part of our core mission at The Crooked Key: turn off your phones and immerse yourself in a fun room while spending quality time with friends, family, or other players.