Recently, I’ve really appreciated the escape game industry for a specific and yet unexpected need it achieves in society today. Literally anyone can play! In the short time The Crooked Key has been open, we’ve had an infant just weeks old ride along in a sling with a dad (oh so cute!) while he played. That baby is notably our youngest participant so far. We’ve hosted folks who were into their seventies say it’s the coolest thing that they got to do something with their teenage grand kids where they all could participate and genuinely connect. Men, women, children, grandparents, singles, teens and tweens… escape games can truly be an inter-generational activity. And there just doesn’t seem to be one type of person that can enjoy escape games. It’s so refreshing and unexpected there is this universality. We set the stage to allow a cross-section of the population that otherwise might not engage with one another do just that. While strong social, logic and problem solving solving skills help, escape games typically hinge upon teamwork. In most cases you can capitalize on each others strengths while having a good time doing it. Let’s consider a recent episode of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS. This video clip shares a glimpse into TV personalities and soap opera stars shouting with glee when they oh-so-cleverly sniff and reflect their way to success at Escape Room L.A.  To that I say eureka!